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Duraglaze mugs

We offer the guaranteed dishwasher proof mug. The mug is called Duraglaze and on the surface looks the same as our standard mug, though is in fact a couple of millimetres taller and with a slightly larger handle.

The difference is that while the standard mug is and always has been “dishwasher safe”, Duraglaze is guaranteed dishwasher proof

Duraglaze mugs add a 50p supplement to the standard mug price.



The Duraglaze Mug is similar but, as we said above, not exactly the same as the Wycombe Rhino Coated Mug (what we class as our "Standard" mug). While having the classic Durham shape it is 3mm taller than the Wycombe and has a slightly larger handle a than on the Wycombe.

But for all intents and purposes, it is the same mug, holds the same amount of liquid and prints up in the same way as the Wycombe.  The one big thing it has going for it is that it is guaranteed dishwasher proof.

Mug holds a 330ml drink.

It is 95mm high and 260mm circumference with a maximum print area of of 95mm x 20cm


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