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Standard Mugs

Our core product is the WYCOMBE RHINO COATED MUG in a Durham shape.

This is a high quality mug produced in the far east (in Thailand, where our supplier have their factories) and printed at our works in Herefordshire.

The Rhino Coating is, we believe, the best non-dishwasherproof* surface into which we can print by sublimation.

(* while the print is pretty robust in the dishwasher, fading very much depends on the hardness of the water, salt content, temperature and regularity of washing. )

The best size of order (from a delivery point of view) is in multiples of 36 - which is a box full. But a half box is easy to achieve and we also have small boxes which carry six and four units. 

But we can supply any number required - and if it's 13, 27, 103 or 921, we will sort out a way of packaging and delivering your mugs.

(if you click the little bars in the picture, you'll see a range of our mugs)

 Earthenware Mug

  • 10oz - 11oz (approx)
  • 92mm high
  • Printing "wraps" approx 20cm around the mug onto a 26cm circumference (the gap being the handle)
  • Holds approx 350ml if filled to the brim, 330ml on a normal drink
  • Print whatever you require including photographs
  • A great promotional, gift or retail mug
  • A great price from Mugworks
Please note that on all over print mugs, which we call "fully sleeved" there can be a 20p suppliment on each unit. But in most cases we wave this charge.  Without going into too much detail this is basically because it uses a lot more of the very expensive inks to create the print, it doubles production time and also we reject a good deal more because of small blemishes in the print, so there is a wastage factor.


The Standard Mug is 9.2cm high and 26cm circumference and we print to a maximum of 20cm around the mug, leaving a gap to the handle which itself, depending on the edge of the design is, will be a little over a centimetre wide.


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