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Individual Personalised Mugs

We can provide individual personalised standard mugs in the smallest quantity of all - one.

Of course we can also do small sets of two, three, four or ten (and anything in between) ... well, as many as you want. But a unique one off standard mug can be yours for the grand sum of just £7-00 if collected from our business premises in Whitbourne or £11-00 if posted.

A one off Duraglaze Dishwasher Proof mug is £7-50 and a Two Tone Coloured Mug (see Two Tone and/or Rim and Handle sections from the front page of the site and below on this page) is £8-00A Porcelain Mug is also £8-00. Enamel Mug is £8-50

If you want it posted (which is necessary unless you are very local to us in Herefordshire or West Worcestershire) in a safe cardboard packaging it's another £4-00 .... so £11-00 / £11-50 / £12-00 / £12-50 delivered - or add a further £2-00 if you need it quickly by first class post (which of course doesn't always guarantee next day !!).

Other Personalised Products

We are introducing Personalised Vacuum Flasks, Travel Mugs and Water Bottles. You can of course find these as mass produced items in Supermarkets, but a personalised one is great for hygiene and virus protection ... and can be fun either with just a name, a special design, the badge of the sports team you support or even a photograph of yourself, the family or (very popular) your pet.

Including post and packing, a completely unique one off item will be ....

  • Vacuum Flask - £18-00 including post and packing
  • 600ml Water Bottle - £14-00 including post and packing
  • 400ml Water Bottle - £12-00 including post and packing
  • Travel Mug - £16-00 including post and packing

(Deduct £4-00 from the above if collected from our premises - but we are pretty remote in a rural Herefordshire village !!!!)

We can also do individual Money Banks at £11-00 (including post and packing) or even a unique one off personalised Keyring. 


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(We CAN do a post office guaranteed next day delivery but it adds £5-00 to the first class price - or use the courier but it's the same price for one mug as it is for 100 - £13-00.)

* Post and packing prices apply until the next hike in charges by the Post Office ......  We will hold posting prices for the time being.

Individual "Two Tone" Mugs

Within our Duraglaze range we  offer “Two Tone” mugs with a coloured inner and handle at £8-00 (£12-00 including post and packing) with a choice of 12 colours in the range.  Within the Two Tone range is also the "Rim and Handle" style (top) where the inside of the mug remains white.

Red, Antique Pink, Orange, Bordeaux Red (aka Burgundy), Cobalt (aka Midnight Blue), Cambridge Blue, 

Golden Yellow, Yellow, Light Green (Lime), Green, Black, Light Blue


For details of both Two Tone and Rim and Handle see the individual pages in the "Mugs and Accessories" section. 

Personalised Mugs - Photo Mugs, Custom Mugs 3

For that special occasion:

You just send us your ideas and we'll create a draft.

We will lay it out to the best effect we can* and check with you that it's what you want before printing by way of emailing you a flat version of what will be printed on the mug. We then wait for your approval (or not) before making and dispatching it.

Or if you know what you want just send it over to us and we'll get started.  

* We are not professional computer artists (they charge a fortune) but are pretty experienced at what we do and produce good designs to your directions.

For the office and workplace:

We also do a special where we produce a normal run of mugs bearing your logo with each staff members individual name on.  

Cost ....  nothing silly - normal price list price for the number of mugs if a dozen or more, then just add £1-00 for each name, as long as it's just a name and not a completely different design.

Or we can do individual one off's in the normal way at the normal one off price (see above).

Small Orders between 2-10

We do a sliding scale for orders below a dozen which includes post and packing (and no VAT).

But with different types of products and different design requirements prices vary.

Please enquire if you require a small order below 12 units but more than a one off.

Our Personalised Custom Mugs are individual mugs made to order as a single unit designed exclusively for you and, usually, printed as a one off product.


As well as photo mugs, you can choose an image, logo, message or a individual design on a single mug for just £7-00 plus £4-00 p&p in a cardboard posting box. It will be a completely unique, one off item.


The mugs have a print area of around 9cm x 20cm (3.5" x 8") on which you can put in almost whatever you want. As long as you own the copyright of the picture we will be pleased to put it on a mug. But for good results, the original picture needs to be of good quality.

It doesn't have to be the same picture on either side of the mug - we are happy to do two pics or a picture and a bit of writing or pretty well any combination you want. We will lay it out to the best effect we can and check with you that it's what you want before printing.

If you would like to share a special event with family & friends, we can do more mugs with the same design. Just let us know how many you want to order. See the Prices page for multiple orders ...


We can also offer our Porcelain "Sandhurst" mug or the Duraglaze Two Tone/Rim and Handle as a one off personalised product. Just add £1 to the above prices and on the Porcelain mug, adjust the measurement area for the print to 9.5cm x 16.5cm.


Ticket and Programme Mugs are a memory on a mug. Instead of a photo we put a copy of a ticket or the cover of a programme - or indeed both - on your mug.

Its a shame that few venues now produce "proper" tickets but download QR codes to a phone so rather ruins this concept ... but we still make these occasionally for nostalgic memories. 

   Be it a great rugby, football or cricket match, a memorable concert, great play at the theatre, Wimbledon, Ryder Cup or Elton John at Worcestershire County Cricket Ground (we really have done this one), a Grand Prix or pretty well any event, we can make a mug around it - or it around a mug !!! One of our personal adventures (now a few years ago) was to see John Bishop at the NIA in Birmingham - but the tickets were very ordinary!!  But that's not really the point - if you want a memory on a mug - ticket mugs are a great way keep that memory.

Neither the ticket or programme needs to leave your possession - just scan it and send it to us as an attachment.


Ipswich Speedway

The mug above was a limited edition concept mug by Ipswich Witches Speedway Club using programmes covers from years gone by (1951-2011) as the basis for a mug.  

Of course it doesn't have to be people - favourite animals, views, houses, objects or your favorite film or football star (we know they are people too, but you know what we mean)  ... as long as you own the copyright of the picture we will be pleased to put it on a mug. 

       Family Mug

Our pictures show holiday memories on either side and a set of family reunion mugs in the centre.


It doesn't have to be the same picture on either side of the mug - we are happy to do two pics or a picture and a bit of writing or pretty well any combination you want. 

Pictured above are named mugs - with their University departments

on Rim and Handle Two Tone style mugs.


Basically you have an area of around 8.5cm x 20cm (3.5" x 8") to fill and you can put in almost whatever you want.



Email us or send us a letter with what you want on the mug. Attach the photo or image you want placed on the mug.  If you post a photo we will be pleased to return it to you.

Contact Us


Think about where you want the image placed - imagine you are drinking from the mug holding it with your right hand. Do you want the image facing your chin, in the middle (opposite the handle) or facing outwards. The instruction we need is ...


And, if using more than one picture, we'll need to know which picture you want in which position.


Resolution & size

You have an area of around 8.5cm x 20cm (3.5" x 8") to fill and you can put in almost whatever you want. Pictures need to be of good quality (at least a resolution of 250dpi) in a normal photo format (.jpg; tif file; etc.). Give us a call if you're not sure. We're happy to help.



Tell us of any wording you want on the mug.  It could be a name, a slogan, a title, a favourite saying or a cryptic message. It's your mug - we'll follow your instruction. We will normally use Arial font ... but if you want a different style ... tell us.  And you need to tell us what colour (or colours) you want the letters in.



We won't breach copyright or trademarks - so for example we cannot put on a football club badge without the Clubs permission but we can use a Club name. For example "Adam's Mug - Ace Kidderminster Harriers Supporter".  (This also answers the question posed in "About Us".)

Other than that, the only line we draw is that we will not print anything illegal.



Your mug is ordered - how do you pay. We haven't got an encrypted site so we are not going to ask for a bank or credit card numbers - we work in the old fashioned way. A cheque (does anyone remember what they are???), internet banking payment (BACS) and we can use Paypal but have to pass on the Paypal fees to our clients which adds around 50p. Please make cheques to Keith Butler



Unless collected from our premises, the price includes postage / courier and packing in a Cardboard posting box for protection - which can be used again if you then want to send the mug onwards as a gift. 

Postage prices vary from our standard price for second class (normally £4) or add £1-00 to go first class.

Please see the Mugs & Accessories pages for details of all our mugs and other products

If you require a duplicate(s) of your personalised mug to make a pair, three or foursome we offer the following packages in Standard mugs or add 50p each for Duraglaze, £1 each for Two Tone or Porcelain mugs. 

  • Two mugs:      £18-00     (£9-00 each delivered)
  • Three mugs:    £25-00     (£8-33 each delivered)
  • Four mugs:      £30-00     (£7-50 each delivered)
  • Five Mugs:       £35-00     (£7-00 each delivered)
  • Six mugs:        £40-00     (£6-67 each delivered)

Prices above include delivery.

  An example of a name mug with a favourite quotation

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