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Drinks Bottles aka Water Bottles

With the current global surge to banish plastics from our lives we are introducing our organisation or even personalised logo'd re-usable water bottles from June 2021.  We know you can find similar mass produced patterned products in the supermarket - but not with your own club, business or organisation badges, logo's etc. It's the same as all our products, whether you are Tottenham Hotspur or Badgers Drift Boys Football Club, Tesco's or Whitbourne Village Community Shop .... we all want our own club, organisation or business featured on a product. 

Our picture (left) shows the two styles of Water Bottle we supply before printing.  They are either white (which is more popular for most customers) or can be printed quite effectively on the bare aluminium surface. For instance Club badges seem to work well with the metallic background, though of course what should otherwise be white, shows through as the metallic background.

The bottles come in two sizes which we call Standard 600ml and Pocket size at 400ml.

On a Commercial Order (which are half a dozen units or more) our standard water bottles are priced at £8-00 each (with no VAT or printing set up charges).  They hold 635ml of liquid (just over a pint for our more imperial inclined readers) so naturally we call it the 600ml bottle !!! 

The smaller bottle fits nicely into a pocket and holds 400ml, coming out at £6-50 each. 

Our bottles can feature Sports Clubs, Businesses or Artists work - it's your product so tell us what you want printed on it.

If you want an individual one please look at our Personalised Products page but basically you need to add £2-00 to the price for an individual bottle plus £4-00 for post and packing unless it is collected from our premises.

There is a £2-00 per unit supplement if, within a commercial order, you want individual names put on each bottle - which has become a regular request in these times of enhanced hygiene and virus protection, particularly with team sports clubs.

Water Bottles come with two backgrounds - metallic or white

They also come with both style of tops supplied to give the user a choice of tops ... either the tit style one (with a cover) or a screw in stopper to allow drinking directly from the bottle.

Our Standard Water Bottles hold 650ml of liquid and stand 21cm tall, with a 23cm circumference.

The smaller bottle holds 400ml, stand just under 16cm tall with a 21cm circumference.


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