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Travel Mugs

Travel Mugs are handy for (surprise surprise) travel and for things like picnics or sports events.  Also you can save a penny or two at Costa by filling rather than paying the extra for the cardboard mug supplied by the shop!

We are currently having a supply problem with this product so while we can offer a few individual ones from our limited stocks, we can not accept bulk orders.

Of course these products can be purchased from stores with generic designs, while we offer a small run for your own organisation or even individualised ones (with a £2-00 supplement).  Travel mugs come to you at £10-00 each if ordering six or more (what we call a commercial order) - we were going to say £9-99 but who's fooled by the 1p. 

If ordering an individual one they are £12 plus delivery at £4-20 - so £16-20



This is not a vacuum flask - just a cup for drinking out of.  We advise that it should NOT be placed in a dishwasher.

The travel Mug is about 26cm circumference and is 15cm tall. It holds a little over 350ml of liquid.


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