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Porcelain China Mugs

  • Porcelain China
  • General purpose mug
  • Robust
  • 10cm high

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Porcelain mugs are back in stock...

The Sandhurst Porcelain China Mug is very much a general purpose mug and is certainly robust - but adds that touch of class that comes with a china product.  

Sometimes described as a "Windsor" or a "Devon" the shape is popular with customers who want to upgrade the quality of the basic product, or who want a slightly smaller capacity mug (around 260ml or 280ml if filled to the brim). 


But the porcelain mug is not dishwasher proof.

Many say it is really nice to drink tea from

The porcelain mugs comes ideally in boxes of 36, packed in trays of 12 - so orders in multiples of 12 makes life easier for delivery but, as always, if a customer requires a different multiple (from 1 upwards) we are happy to oblige.

The Sandhurst has an official capacity of 260ml, a weight of approx 266 grams.

It's height is about 102mm and a diameter of 70mm / circumference 220mm.

While capacity of this mug is 260ml for a normal hot drink, it's 280ml if filled to the brim.

Normally we will print on an area around 165mm x 90mm height. This product is not suitable for taking designs to the top and bottom edge.

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