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Mugs Free Delivery - Delivery Included in Price

Delivery, Packaging & Payment

Mugs Free Delivery - Delivery Included in Price 1

Delivery Cost

Courier prices are creeping up with inflation - indeed a little more than creeping up!!!!
Basically our 2024 delivery charge is £17-50 for the first box and £19-00 if more than one box is required.  A box will contain up to 36 mugs.  A rule of thumb is that the first box costs us a little over £17-50 to deliver, after which, our cost increases by both per box as well as weight. So on the second box we add the second box charge to take it to £19-00 - after which we subsidise the rest of the delivery. The subsidy is a sort of a volume discount on larger orders.
Some customers like a quote which includes the delivery price and we can do that but it is worked out on the same formula.  So our top delivery price is £19-00. 

The Couriers

Our main courier company is DHL who we find very reliable with minimal damage in transit.  DHL took over UK Mail (our couriers for the previous ten years), slowly merged operations, but now the public face is 100% DHL. DHL have a very good reputation, so we don't anticipate any problems. 
We occasionally use Parcelforce for Highland and Islands deliveries as well as Royal Mail Postal delivery on small packages.
We also will sometimes use our own van to deliver larger quantities directly and when local to our base on the Herefordshire / Worcestershire border.
Delivery to Northern Ireland, Channel Isles, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and Scottish Islands costs considerably more than UK mainland deliveries, and has to be added as an extra.  This also applies to the North of Scotland, an area based on postcodes PH, IV & HS but may include other areas. 
Basically draw a line on the map from Calendar just north of Glasgow, across to Perth and then Dundee - and everything north of that line is expensive to deliver. We are sure if you are in those areas you are all too well aware of this. But both Perth and Dundee themselves and a small area between the two - including villages such as Errol - still fall into the normal delivery cost category.
We're happy to provide a quote for delivery if you are outside our core areas ....  which we will charge "at cost".  Delivery is not a profit centre for us.
We often provide promotional mugs for business's

Our courier collection is made at around lunchtime each day (between 12 and 2) to collect products made the previous day plus anything that has been completed in the morning.

We pride ourselves that we can act quickly for customers - and when necessary can make a short order (up to 36 mugs) in about 2-3 hours.

Customers that require such an order for delivery the next day need to call us between 8am and 9am.


Monkey TV

While we can’t always promise to drop everything to satisfy the request, as long as we don’t have to let others down we will do our best to fulfill the requirement.

With our mugs we mainly re-use the packaging that the mugs arrive in.  They are specially made boxes of 36 packed tightly so that the mugs don't rattle around and get broken.  The mugs have travelled half way around the world in these boxes and breakages are rare.


In addition we have six-box and four-box "small" packages in which we can make up either small orders or multiples in addition to the 36/72/108 etc. 






We also will often send a half box of 18 and also deliver a smaller box of 24.   

The one area we have an issue with packaging is our Bone China mugs which are delicate. However, our new supplier of bone china has improved the packaging (it was ironic that our most expensive product had the least best presentation and packaging) and we continue to search for for continued improvement. 

We ask our customers for prompt payment of our invoices where we agree payment by invoice after delivery – though normally with first time customers we will send a Pro-forma invoice by email when the design is agreed and the order is confirmed. We won't hold up an order before payment arrives but we do like to know it's on it's way or paid through internet banking, BACS or Faster-Payment.

We are typical of many small businesses where cashflow is important. So please respect the service we try to offer and where appropriate, ensure that the accounts department respect our terms. 


Just to brighten up the page - a picture of our Milton Keynes Money Mugs. But we'd rather you paid with Sterling.

Delivery outside the U.K. 

Delivery to Republic of Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark & Germany is based on £40-00 for 15 kilo's (a box of 36 mugs) then an added sum per kilo depending on the destination. USA and Australia costs are silly so we don't even try to compete. 

Once again we are happy to provide a quote via our Contact Form

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