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Magnets aka Fridge Magnets

Our primary Fridge Magnet is the 90mm x 60mm Jumbo size, which sell to you at £1-10 each and which seem to be popular for retailing.  

But we still carry the smaller 70mm x 45mm magnet if required at 90p each.

We also have our 57mm insert square magnets at £1-00 each and an interesting ruler style Long Magnet 140mm x 45mm at £1-75 each.

Our Fridge Magnets are restricted to our value for money acrylic range - nothing very fancy, just two types of relatively simple acrylic magnets with high quality inserts, found on fridges all over the world.

(Click on the little line in the picture to view other examples)

Our fridge magnet range is nothing spectacular but you can view details to see what we do ....






Of course we can supply in landscape or in portrait style.


As with Key Rings, there are plenty of suppliers who provide this product but we think that we have one great advantage over most of them ....  we will provide as few as a dozen fridge magnets at a time. Our core product, The Jumbo Fridge Magnet, are £1-10 each.

As you can see from our Loch Insh range above, we can do many designs within a single order too.

And delivery is "at cost" by post. But sometimes with larger amounts of this surprisingly heavy product it becomes cheaper to send via the couriers at £17-00 rather than by Royal Mail.  Of course if we send with another product such as mugs, delivery is paid for through that delivery, so is effectively free.

Email either Keith or Lynn a call (01886 821198) if you want to discuss an order however big or small ... an ideal item for business promotion or leisure retail.



Square Fridge Magnet at £1-00p each

It measures 62mm square with a 57mm insert and your price is £1-00 each plus delivery.










Fridge Magnets are just £1-10 each

Measuring 97mm by 67mm as the whole unit, the print area is 90mm x 60mm.  

They are a good robust product and can give you fairly good margin if retail selling. For Clubs it's a good product for things like team pictures (landscape) or fixtures (portrait). Our first picture below is a reproduction of a poster from Eastbourne Museum while on the other side is a nostalgic look back to the 2015 Tooting and Mitcham team.








14cm Long Fridge Magnets are £1-75 each

The Long Fridge Magnet is great for scenic images - such as the one below featuring the Malvern Hills. It's a slightly specialist item but if retailed offers a good potential margin or is great as a presentation or gift. Or even as a small ruler!!

The insert size is 140mm x 45mm and we sell at £1-75 each.



For all our Fridge Magnets, drop us an email with your design requirements and we will do the rest.

     The Jumbo Magnet measures 97mm x 67mm with a 90mm x 60mm insert. 

     The smaller version measures about 50mm x 75mm with a 45mm x 70mm insert

     The Square Magnet measures 62mm with a 57mm insert

     The Long Fridge Magnet is 147mm x 52mm with a 140mm x 45mm insert.



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