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Enamel Mugs

New for Summer 2019 the fashionable Enamel Mug has arrived.

Our sample features fifty year anniversary of the Woodstock Festival - the forerunner of a thousand other such festivals and subject of the famous film and Joni Mitchell song (a UK hit for Matthews Southern Comfort).  Interesting that Woodstock wasn't actually held in Woodstock itself but about two hours away in Bethel, where there is a museum and established concert venue.

The Enamel mug is a little more expensive than ceramic to buy in and also takes a little extra work to produce so comes out at £4-25 each plus delivery.



Print area on this product is 65mm x 200mm

The price on an Enamel Mug is £4-25 each with normal delivery charges.

It's size is 7.5cm high with a circumference of approx 24cm.  It has a metal handle and metal rim at the lip.  It comes in white only.


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