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Coloured Rim and Handle

This is for the customer who likes a more subtle version of the Two Tone mug where just the rim and the handle is coloured. 

Similar to the normal Duraglaze Two Tone with the same range of colours on offer, it is a dishwasher proof mug, similarly priced as the Two Tone.

The colours available are Red, Pink, Orange, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, Cambridge Blue, Golden Yellow, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Black, Light Blue

We don't generally carry stocks of this product other than a few samples, so have to order them in from our suppliers on a JIT basis, but which normally only takes 24 hours.

The Coloured Rim and Handle mug is (like all our standard mugs) the classic Durham shape mug, holding approx 330ml, is 95mm tall with a circumference of approx 260mm which allows a "wrap around" print area of 200mm.


The Tilburg Regents mug (therefore we now call it a "Tilburg") was a development mug we used for a few months and which was not proceeded with as a mass production item.  Slightly shorter than our other mugs (it is 90mm tall) and with a different shaped handle, we used it for Tilburg Regents FC from London (who took their name from the town and football club in The Netherlands). However we have a few in our stockroom so if a customer would like the style, we can offer them at the Standard Mug price.

The Tilburg is not a dishwasher proof mug.


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