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Vacuum Flasks

New in June 2021 will be our Vacuum Flask

We know that these can be purchased off the supermarket shelf as a mass produced product with a generic pattern but as with everything else we do, we are offering a small run personalised product either as a corporate item or for re-sale, though we do recognise that for re-sellers who want to make a reasonable margin they can be a little expensive.

Our picture shows the two styles of flask as blanks before printing, scaled against a standard mug.

The flask is 27cm tall and will hold 575ml of liquid (about a pint) - be it soup, OXO, tea, coffee or just hot water.

We can do one offs by post for which you need to look at our Personalised Products page, but for a commercial order, (which we take to be a half a dozen units or more) we can supply at £11-00 each (with no additional VAT or set up charges) plus standard delivery. 

There is a £1-80 supplement* per unit if you want a group of flasks individually named but in these infection aware time times this can be very useful - for example our picture show staff items used in a Gym/Swimming Pool setting.

This is to cover the cost of the individual screen required.

The Flasks come with two backgrounds - Metallic / Aluminum or White

The flasks hold 575ml of liquid (from tea to soup) and stands 27cm tall with a circumference of 22.2cm / 222mm


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